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Invent Boston designs and develops products for families to add science + whimsy to the every day tasks.   Our first product is a visual timer, a Two Minute Turtle, to help children focus when they brush teeth, evenly and for two minutes.

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Sky Five

Indoor jump chart.  Reach for the sky


Children like to jump.  Whether they play a jumping sport (basketball, gymnastics, track) or not, they jump, especially in Winter.  And, children-and grown ups - love progress.  We like growth charts to track a child's increasing height.  Now, it's a home growth chart to measure a child's increase in jump height!  Children can calibrate their jumping height, set goals and track their jump height- and strive to jump higher as they grow.  Even when it's snowing outside. 

Children take an active role their progress. They set achievable goals.  Instead of trying to stop the inevitable indoor jumping for the door sills through Winter, we embrace it.  Watch the children set goals,  jump and practice, see progress and jump higher.