It's Time to Sweat the Details

Starting a business is the big abstract, thinking and fantasy time.  What are we creating? Who is it for? What meaningful value do we add? How do we engage with a community?  That was the first year, all while developing the timer. Now that we have made it through 8 iterations of our toothbrush timer prototype we are ready to share with parents.    But, wait, we still have one more piece to complete it-the case for the timer.

How to encase our Toothbrush Timer?  We have a circuit board encased in epoxy. This works for if we make each timer one at a time in our workshop.  But epoxy is not the long term solution. We will need a case that does not need to be made one at a time but where we can make many and we would like one where we could change the batteries when they die.  The case needs to feel good in a child's hand and strong enough to withstand a push from the child's hand.  

So, one last, important detail of the product. We will keep you posted. We are talking with case makers, injection molders, now.  Stay tuned and we will have a timer this year 2017!