Can Toothbrushing be Fun for Children?

Our daughter went to her first dentist appointment when she was 4 . No one told us--those little teeth needed brushing from the minute they appeared!  You can imagine our surprise when the dentist told us she had 9 cavities!  

How long does your child brush his teeth each night and morning? How do you know?  After a few years we hoped our children could brush without supervision but we did not have a way for them to keep their attention to brushing for the full 2 minutes. 

Children are visual learners.  Our children like things clear and simple. With this in mind, and inclinations to make things, we developed a simple tool for children to brush independently and evenly through the mouth--2 minutes (30 seconds per quadrant).  Each night they (and we grown ups) --turn on our Spot Light timer.  We brush, watch, switch with each new color blinking light. 

After many iterations we are excited by the prototype.  This first of it's kind will be available in limited supply in January 2017. If you'd like to be one of the first to own your own blinking spot light, join our mailing list to know when it is ready.