Wandering Our Way to Creativity

Feeling Lost and Uninspired?  Goods News!

Some days, most days, no---every day, we have times when we need to create but we are not creative nor inspired.  

When you feel this way, don’t despair!   In fact, in those times, we need to be there, lost and seeking.  Being lost is a step toward creativity and finding our rhythm.  Like any journey, our creativity wanders, falters and then...builds again, to discovery...we arrive!

Simple things can help us get on track. What time of day does being creative come most readily?   Creative time for me is morning time.  

I like organizing my work so I have a couple of nuggets of fresh ideas from an earlier creative day, to help jump-start my creativity and gives a nudge, some direction to the empty times.

If you’re feeling lost, uninspired—and you need to create—remember this time of seeking is a critical part of creating.   Before an “a-ha!” moment or an inspiration, we wander and seek.  And in that process of being lost, we loosen the hinges of the rigid, familiar ways and open ourselves to the discovery necessary for creation.  Enjoy the journey, being lost is a stop on the way and one step closer to finding.