5 mistakes/lessons learned from our first home made video

  • Get a tripod.  Test it out, practice using the tripod.
  • Find and shoot in an open, clean space (not the heavily used family bathroom for example).
  • Have light--plan for daylight, and bring in lights or foam core to reflect light if necessary. For us, filming children, that meant weekend when the children were not in school.
  • Take still shots of the product separately from the video. 
  • Narrate separately from the video so it's easier to edit.



Steps to Encase the Toothbrush Timer

To make 50 timers we needed to find a solid, light, clear, firm, case with a hole in the middle for the button. Sounds easy.  We tried 3-d printing, using the small  LED candle holders and buying coin holders but nothing has fit yet. So we are using epoxy--strong enough, clear, works but we cannot mass produce this.  It takes us 3 separate pours to make one (each pour needs 48 hours to dry).  We are still on the quest for a solid, clear, hollow case that feels good in a child's hand.  

An early case was 3 D printed in space ship style.  It was pretty but too heavy to mount on the mirror.   

An early case was 3 D printed in space ship style.  It was pretty but too heavy to mount on the mirror. 


How Do We Start Healthy Habits?

It starts with a leap of faith, reminds me of roller coasterm getting started-you know it will bring you up and down.  And you believe you can do it.  Think big. Start small.  

Say your goal outloud to someone you know. Say it again in a week to remind yourself.  Post it on social media so others have read it.  Even if they may not care nor remember--it makes me, the one who posts it, feel more accountable. 

Anticipate a slip and manage it. i.e. my healthy habit for 2017 is to not worry after 5:00 PM. So if I do, and I know I will for the first part at least, I've said I will write my worry down.  So I know I won't rid my habit (worrying about something at night) but I will try to get out of the habit by becoming aware, writing it down, and slowly, help me to let the worry, and the habit, go



It's Time to Sweat the Details

Starting a business is the big abstract, thinking and fantasy time.  What are we creating? Who is it for? What meaningful value do we add? How do we engage with a community?  That was the first year, all while developing the timer. Now that we have made it through 8 iterations of our toothbrush timer prototype we are ready to share with parents.    But, wait, we still have one more piece to complete it-the case for the timer.

How to encase our Toothbrush Timer?  We have a circuit board encased in epoxy. This works for if we make each timer one at a time in our workshop.  But epoxy is not the long term solution. We will need a case that does not need to be made one at a time but where we can make many and we would like one where we could change the batteries when they die.  The case needs to feel good in a child's hand and strong enough to withstand a push from the child's hand.  

So, one last, important detail of the product. We will keep you posted. We are talking with case makers, injection molders, now.  Stay tuned and we will have a timer this year 2017!