Two Minute Turtle Timer


Two Minute Turtle Timer


Keep children brushing teeth for full 2 minutes. 4 color Light-up 2 minute timer; 30 second intervals.  Fits in children's hands. Sticks to mirror.  Water resistant. Will teach child the habit of brushing for 2 minutes, evenly through the whole mouth.

Parents:  turn tooth brushing with your child from struggle to satisfaction and success.  No distracting screens, no down-loading, no water on your phone, no loss of privacy in a durable product. This Toothbrush Timer made for children helps them focus and brush their teeth for the full 2 minutes.  A simple and attractive light up timing disk, 2 inch diameter, gives the child full control.  Children are motivated to turn on the glittery, blinking timer, follow the LED lights, quadrant by quadrant and brush til the whole mouth is clean. Parents, watch how healthy habits take root. Batteries included.


What is the Toothbrush Timer from Invent Boston?  

A visual and whimsical map to guide children (and adults!) around the four quadrants of the mouth as they brush their teeth for the full two minutes.


The Benefits

The Toothbrush Timer encourages children to routinely brush their teeth

How does the Toothbrush timer work? 

The Toothbrush Timer has 4 LED lights (red, orange, green, yellow), one per quadrant of the mouth; the first LED, randomly selected, blinks 30 seconds, one pulse per second. That is the quadrant of the mouth the child will focus on.  That light stops and immediately the 2nd LED lights up, blinks, faster etc until all 4 lights have lit up and all 4 sections of the mouth have been brushed.   The timer will do a Victory Lap for the child to brush the tongue. The Toothbrush Timer includes 2 encased coin cell batteries.   This flat, round 2.25 inch diameter fits in the palm of a hand; water resistant.


How to use the Toothbrush timer?

Prepare to brush teeth. 

Push button in center,  then follow the blinking lights –i.e. If the upper right part of the timer is on, then brush the upper right part of teeth

1st light blinks for 30 seconds, followed by the 2nd, 3rd, 4th each for 30 seconds. 

After 2 minutes, all 4 LEDs light up a victory lap, during which the child brushes the tongue. 


Who benefits from this timer? 

Children learning daily healthy habits

Visual learners of all ages

Pediatric dentists helping parents teach children to brush correctly

Parents having trouble getting children to brush for the full 2 minutes

Anyone else ready for a methodical visual timer to retain healthy teeth


Instructions For Getting Started: 

·         Find a spot on a flat mirror where your child can reach and watch the Timer when brushing teeth

·         Wipe the mirror clean with a cloth.

·         Peel off 1 side off of each of the Velcro stickers

·         Stick the Velcro onto the back of the Toothbrush Timer, on top of the circle marks.

·         Place the timer next to the spot on the mirror you chose.

·         Peel off the back of the Velcro dots of the timer

·         Stick timer to the mirror and press



How long will the Timer last? 

There are about 1460 cycles in each timer. If you use the Timer twice a day it will last around 2 years.  

Is it for manual toothbrush users only?

No. It works for electric toothbrush users, too, anyone who responds to visual cues.

Is the timer only for toothbrushing?   

It can be handy for other timed activities like physical therapy stretches or yoga poses.  Do you have other suggestions for how to use it? We’d love to hear your ideas!

Is there an Off button?

Yes, it’s the same button as the On button.  If you need to stop the cycle, press when it’s blinking. When the button is pressed again, On, the cycle will start over.

Does the Timer have sound?

No. We started simple, without sound. I like the peace and blinking quiet J. Would you rather it have sound? 

Can the Timer do different amounts of time, like 1 or 4 minutes long?

No. Not now. If we had a different amount of time, what would you like and how many minutes would you like it for? How would you use it?   

Could we have the Timer personalized?

Not now but if there’s enough interest we may.

Can we take the Timer off of the mirror?

Yes and it won't leave a mark.



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